North side Tour of Naxos – Apollonas

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The longer tour in Naxos island, starting from Naxos Town with direction to Apollonas – Galini- Eggares villages. In few kilometers ,we reach Eggares Village with the Olive press Museum, a really important place to visit and get an idea how was produced the virgin olive oil at the previous years.  Continue  to the North – west  side, there are few bays like Pahia AmmosChilia Vrisi,  AmitisAmbram and Agios Theodoros , where you can visit them as are virgin bays with crystal waters.

Of course, only Abram bay is well organized area, with a chance to have a snack or drink,  for  relaxing moments. Some kilometers before Apollonas located Agia’s Tower an open area with nice view. At the same location and across to the main road, can someone follow a beautiful  path, under a nature green shadow which lead to Agia’s Monastery, in a peaceful area with running waters from the mountains and amazing view to the endless blue of the Aegean.

Getting the main road, lead to Apollonas  area, in the entrance of the village, there are two directions, one to Kouros monument, which lying in side elevation location with a panoramic view to the area and the beach of Apollonas and the second close to the beach are where located a few cafe bars and traditional Tavernas.

Then the tour continue from the North-middle site of Naxos, passing from Mesi or Koronida small villages and reach an another tradition village of Koronos with beautiful alleys and Cycladic traditional environment which suggested for the nice restaurants. Next we have to get the direction to Kinidaros Village so as to lead us to Moni village where at the surrounding area located the oldest orthodox Christian Church  of Panagia Drosiani. Close to Chalki Village we can get the road back to Naxos Town.

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