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Naction Rent a car Naxos is a reliable car rental company with enough experience in renting and the tourism sector. Respect and accountability to every visitor of Naxos Island gives the Team of Naction Rental Car the motivation to provide a comprehensive car rental service. Our team provides several guided tours to give visitors suggestions about the beauties of Naxos.
Our cooperation with several tourist resorts in Naxos gives Rent a Car Naxos agency credibility and recognized benefits to our business. Initially the choice of excellent new car models, with high standards for safer and more comfortable tours, of course with always personal support to each client.

We deliver your vehicle everywhere on the island and offer a great variety of cars. We pride ourselves on offering the best deals with no hidden charges!
Did you choose to arrive in Naxos by plane? Perfect! It is the best choice for a quick and pleasant trip.
And we at Naction Rent a Car, Naxos make it even easier for you in your choice to rent a car directly from the airport saving money and time.
Car rental from the airport is now a piece of cake!

Our company allows you to choose the vehicle you want, at the time you want, and at the place you will arrive.
You don’t have to do anything other than choose the Airport as the place of delivery and inform us of your flight number and flight time.
Upon your arrival, you will meet our partner at the airport to hand over the vehicle, give you useful advice, and leave straight to your destination.
Your holidays have already started in beautiful Naxos! Welcome!

General information about Naxos Airport

The airport of Naxos, named “Apollon” is located in a wonderful location.
Ιt is close to Chora of Naxos (town), only 3 kilometers away, and near tourist areas.
Currently only accepts domestic flights.
However, according to reliable information, procedures have been launched to upgrade the airport so that it is capable of receiving direct international flights.
Access to Naxos airport is easy, as long as you have some form of transport that will take you there.
The airport of Naxos works flawlessly and has all the appropriate infrastructure for the safe arrival and departure of planes, as well as passengers.
Inside the airport, you will find a small canteen to provide a small snack or coffee and soft drinks.
Finally, outside the area, you will find available taxis or rental cars (upon request).

Naction Rental Procedure

At Naction Rent a Car, Naxos you will find the vehicle that will meet your needs. In our fleet, we have several categories of recognizable and reliable vehicles.
We are happy to offer you various categories of vehicles, such as small and economy, convertibles, family cars, and SUVs.
With additional options in manual or automatic vehicles, for the best convenience of our customers.
The booking process is very easy and takes only 4 minutes.
Visit our website and select in the calendar the dates (delivery – return), times, location, and your age and it will immediately show you the available vehicles for rent with the total rental price.
In the next stage, you can choose whether you need small child seats, which are provided free of charge, and choose whether you will need any insurance for the vehicle you are going to rent, and then fill in your details.
The final stage is the payment stage. For the reservation confirmation, 30% of the total amount is required.
There you choose the payment method.
You can choose between paying with:

  • Credit card
  • Bank transfer
  • PayPal

Your reservation is ready. From then on, we undertake to inform you about your reservation. Alternatively, you can contact us by email, by phone, or via WhatsApp.
One of our representatives will answer your questions as soon as possible and give you rental options to make your trip easier.
So all that remains is to arrive at our island, where someone from our team will be waiting for you at the place you have chosen and at the time you have chosen, to show you the car, complete your contract, and clarify any questions you may have or information about our island.
At the time of the contract, the renter must have with him a valid driver’s license and a valid credit card for the security of the vehicle.
It should be noted that we offer the option of an additional driver at no extra charge. The only important thing is to have a valid driving license with him. The renter must have a driver’s license for at least 2 years and it must be written in Latin characters.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the requirements for a car rental at Naxos Airport?

It is very easy to rent a car at Naxos airport, as long as you have correctly selected the “Airport” at the pick-up point.
In this case, you should fill in the form with your details, arrival time, and flight number. These two are the most important so that we can get the car to you on time, without delays.
And so when you get off the plane, our representative will be waiting for you with the vehicle you have chosen to accompany you on this vacation trip.

Of course, there are also cases where they have not made a reservation.
Arriving at the airport, they think about renting a vehicle.
No problem! You can call us or send us a message via WhatsApp and we will immediately inform you about the available vehicles.
If there is availability, in a short time you will have the car of your choice directly at the airport, without having to do anything else.

How can I pay for my car rental at Naxos Airport?

Once you have arrived in Naxos and we welcome you, our representative will show you the vehicle and complete your reservation contract.
Then you will have the option to choose the payment method between cash or card, depending on the preferences of each customer.

What documents should I bring with me for my car rental at Naxos Airport?

It is important that the renter has a valid driver’s license with him and in cases where it is necessary to have an International driver’s license.
If a second driver has been selected for the reservation, then the valid driver’s license of the additional driver is also needed.

Finally, the renter must have with him a valid credit card for the security of the vehicle he has rented. If he does not have a valid credit card, he should report this as soon as possible to the rental company from which the car has been booked, so that they can inform him of relevant options.

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