Staying in Naxos Villages – Quaint and Charming Accommodation Options

Naxos Villages - Quaint and Charming Accommodation Options

Travelling to Naxos is a unique experience by itself. But, what do we mean with that? This island has to offer magnificent beaches with crystal-clear blue waters. But, you might already know that. The thing that you probably are not aware of is its beautiful mountains with extraordinary views. Over there, you can admire beautiful landscapes that will blow up your mind. Picturesque villages are located in the heart of the wild scenery, while they hide gems that the majority of visitors tend to oversee.
In this article, you will discover some of the most quaint accommodation options. If you decide to stay in one of these villages, then it’s a promise that you won’t miss a thing. Instead, you will obtain unforgettable memories to narrate to your friends and family. So, let’s start our discovery in Naxos natural environments.

What is the reason for choosing accommodation is Naxos villages?

If you decide an accommodation in on of the charming villages of Naxos, you will earn many benefits. First of all, you will have the opportunity to learn first-hand the real culture and customs of the area. Many people, got tired from the touristic places that have little to offer. Now, you could have the chance to experience the actual Greek spirit.
Last but not least, you can find magnificent accommodations that will fit your preferences. There is a big variety of cottages, guesthouses, windmills or mansions that are usually located in the heart of each village. So, you will be close to each local market or cafes and restaurants, in case you desire it.
And all of these, without spending a small fortune. It’s true that you can stay in larger properties, splendidly renovated. Be sure that you will have all the amenities and facilities that are necessary in order to live unique moments. The most important thing is that you will see how locals live in their daily life away from the city noise.

What can you expect to experience in Naxos villages?

Booking one of the properties in Naxos’s villages, is the first step for dreamy vacations. Whether you decide an accommodation by the seaside or mountain, bear in mind that you will experience the following:

Local exposure:

Naxos villages will offer you a direct local exposure of the locals’ habits and way of life. You may delve into the traditional culture and explore hidden parts of the area. Maybe, you could meet new people and make friends. Trying local food and buying unique products or gifts is another benefit that may reward you.

Customised customer service:

The majority of the distinctive properties may offer you customised customer service. But, what do we mean, indeed? These accommodations belong to owners who are ready to offer you customised service in line with your needs. They are friendly, but professionals, simultaneously. They may advise you about places that you definitely have to visit on the island.


One of the most important advantages relative to choosing one of these destinations is an original and lovely experience. The historical architecture of the buildings can make you travel through time back in the past. The combination of traditional and modern features is something difficult to find elsewhere.

Cozy environment:

Specially decorated accommodations in Naxos villages provide a cozy and classy atmosphere. It does’t have anything to do with traditional hotels, while you may feel a sense of luxury, at the same time. Beautiful landscapes will provoke calmness and relaxation for your body and soul.
In General, choosing an amazing property in Naxos villages is a to-do experience. Just, put it in your bucket list in order to discover Greek culture, customs and history.

How to make a reservation in a magnificent property in Naxos Villages?

There are a couple of things to check out before you proceed with a booking. Choosing a stunning accom-modation will be piece of cake, if you follow the below steps. However, you have to take under consideration important factors that can ensure your vacations will be amazing. So, follow the next suggestions:

Step 1: Do some online research.

Nowadays, it’s the simplest and quickest way to find properties to rent in Naxos. You will definitely discover the perfect one, which fits your preferences.

Step 2: Look for reviews.

The most secure way to find out about the accommodations you chose in your list, is to notice what previous guests have to say about these particulars.

Step 3: Contact the accommodation.

Before you proceed with the booking, just email or call the property. Sometimes, important information are not mentioned online. In that way, you could get answers for your enquiries, immediately.

Step 4: Proceed with your booking.

There are two ways to do so. Either you do this online or directly with the property by phone or email. It’s up to you to decide which of the 2 options are convenient for you.

Step 5: Choose a payment option.

After you decided the way to book your property, it is better to pay in advance. The reason for this is to secure your staying in case you might face any issues in the future.
By following these steps, your accommodation will be reserved and you will be ready for your new adventure in one of these astonishing villages in Naxos.

Which village should you choose in Naxos?

When it’s time to decide in which one of the picturesque villages in Naxos you are going to stay, the options may overwhelm you. There are so many to choose from and the challenge is huge. Maybe, to split the days of your vacations in different villages is a cool idea. Then, you can spend time to have more experiences. Below, you will find the most popular destinations:


One of the most historical places to stay. There, you can chose among mansions, cottages or guesthouses that fit every budget. Around the area, there are historical sites to visit. In that way, you will spend your time productively and without getting bored.


The special features of this village is its marble-paved alleys. Moreover, it is famous for the rare architecture of its buildings. The majority of them, have a historical touch and they are fully renovated. The natural environment around the area is remarkable and you can spend your evenings walking around.


For sea-lovers, this village has everything you need. It offers amazing sea view of the Aegean Sea. The options here include guesthouses, windmills or even a boathouse. On the beach you could enjoy the calmness and a sunny, peaceful landscape.

Mikri Vigla:

But, what if you like luxury and modern properties? Then, you should stay in MikriVigla. This place can offer you a lot of properties with super modern facilities and amenities


Another choice, in case you love modern style, is Filoti village. Its location is in the center of the island. Many accommodations may include stone houses or luxurious villas. Here, is a local market with traditional goods and you will have the opportunity to try food originated only from Naxos.


If you don’t desire noisy places and want to see how it looks like living in the countryside, you should choose this destination. The atmosphere will calm you down while the natural surroundings might feed your soul. Locals are friendly and ready to meet new visitors. Who knows? Maybe, you could learn Naxos culture first-hand!


This is another option, if you want to find yourself watching the sea waves. Beautiful beaches with turquoise crystal-clear waters, offer you the opportunity to do sunbathing all day long. Many properties include stylish villas or even a fisherman’s cottage ,while you can gaze at the dazzling Aegean Sea.


Last recommendation is to stay in this wonderful place. It has plenty of whitewashed houses that offer every comfort you might have imagined. Although, they have a traditional architecture, the sense of luxury is obvious.
Now, you found out about your options about accommodations in these particular villages, and it might be hard to decide which one to choose from. But, it doesn’t matter as all of them can offer you magical moments.

What to take away?

Choosing Naxos for your vacations is the best choice in order to feel the Greek spirit In this way you will get to know its customs and culture in person. By choosing an accommodation in one of the villages, as we mentioned above, then your holidays will become memorable. It’s pretty easy to find the appropriate place to fully enjoy, even if you are on budget or not.
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