Mainland of Naxos

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One of the most famous tour which every visitor must explore is in the main land of our island, as the particular way provide the most interested places. Starting from Naxos Town, as the signs of the roads are more helpful , someone can take the direction to the most famous villages of Naxos, Chalki and Filoti . After  Galanado village, located the Belonia Tower and the surrounded area suggested  for  a sort stop to a panoramic view (Naxos Town area), where someone can get beautiful photos.

Continuously to the main road, after few kilometers located  the village of Sangri, following the entrance of the village, the way easily lead to Dimitra’s Temple, one of the most important monuments of Naxos island. Following the main road again and after a few minutes there is an Exhibition of traditional potteries. Of course, few meters more in the begging of Damalas village you there is the laboratory of the above pottery shop,  where Mr. Manolis welcome everybody with a pleasure to show how made each clay vase. Next visit can be the old Capital of Naxos, Chalki Village the traditional village with the small narrow streets and the traditional shops.

An important stop can be a visit in the old  distillery of Kitron where is presented the tradition proceed of the local Naxian drink/ liquer. After a kilometer located Filoti, the biggest village after Naxos Town. It’s a really nice and relaxing place, a perfect stop for a refreshment at the centre square of the village under the old big tree shadow of” Geroplatanos”  . It’s a good chance to walk through the narrow street s “Sokakia”  and explore the Cycladic Traditional building style and the culture of the Naxian  residence  in their daily life.  On the way to the next village there is also the way to Zas Mountain cave.

Zas mountain is the highest hill of Cycladic island. Before       taste real crystal water of the Mountain source.  Apiranthos Village is the next place, built in perfect Cycladic style, with beautiful marble alleys, provide 4 museums. Especially at the centre square “splatza” of the village, located the Laographic Museum which consist of two rooms decorated with items, furniture’s and general tools which  Naxians used at the past so as gave a sense to every vistor how was the household in the previous decades .

Finally  the amazing “Zeugolis Tower” with an amazing view,  travel every visitor in the past. At the end of the Tour, reaching the east side of Naxos island, located the beach areas of Moutsouna, Psili Ammos and Panormos bay. Panormos bay provided for quite moments ,as it’s a virgin area with amazing green and blue waters something unusual for Cycladic island.

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