Discover Hidden Gems on These 5 Scenic Drives in Naxos

Κρυμμένα Διαμάντια σε 5 Γραφικές Διαδρομές στη Νάξο

Naxos is one of the top islands to visit in Greece! Full of natural beauties, traditional villages, golden beaches with crystal-clear blue waters, historical monuments and so much more activities to do. So, it’s no wonder why so many people chose this island to spend their holidays, not only in summer time, but also throughout all year long.
As we move on this article, you will discover our top suggestions relevant to the 5 most important scenic drives. What about renting a car from Naction, so as to be able to live this remarkable experience? These hidden gems of Naxos will create such moments during your staying that it will be impossible to forget. Even if you find it hard to be satisfied, one thing is sure; We promise you that your trip could be so amazing without any doubt.
Are you ready for this drive? Fasten your seat-belts and let’s start uncovering the magic of Naxos!

Top Drive 1: Agios Prokopios – Kastraki

One of the best scenic drives includes the route from Agios Prokopios to Kastraki. But, first let’s do the maths. Agios Prokopios is one of the most popular beaches in Naxos. The reason is due to its thick sand and blue waters, thoroughly clear and refreshing. Over there, you can practice water sports, do some sunbathing or just relax. It is known for the variety of local taverns and cafes along the seaside. However, it is often the favourite destination of younger people. That is why there is plenty of entertainment that fits their tastes.
When you leave Agios Prokopios, there are more places to visit, such as MikriVigla and Plaka. These are some of the must-to-see beaches of the island. As you drive along the coast, you will be astonished by the natural environment. What are we talking about? You will come along sandy beaches, rocky cliffs and this wild beauty may awaken your 5 senses.
Among them, the most impressive is Kastraki. It’s not so famous, rather unknown by the majority of the tourists. If you want to find a hidden gem that is worth seeing, then do stop for some time over there. This traditional village has a secret to reveal to its potential visitors. Its architecture, narrow alleys, and natural surroundings makes it the perfect choice for wandering around and taking pics of the views.
Top tip: If you love climbing, try to reach the top. Then, you will be able to see a magnificent view of the surrounding area. On the other hand, if you like mystery and exploration, you definitely have to visit the cave of Zas which is located close to the village.

Top Drive 2: Chora – Melanes – Plaka Beach

In case you stay at Chora, the capital of the island, another choice is to drive to the beautiful village of Melanes. Close by, you can find Plaka Beach, one of the top recommended destinations. The scenery, while you drive is breath-taking. But, why? The answer is simple; Because of its natural beauty that has nothing to do with what you have seen till today.
If you wander about the road formation, be sure that is accessible and well-paved. So, it is considered safe to drive through the olive grooves and enjoy to the fullest. When you reach Melanes, don’t forget to visit the ancient statue of Kouros which is located at Flerio It’s so exciting to discover this monumental sculpture, as it stands proud and whose height reaches 6,4 meters.
As you continue your quest, next stop is Plaka Beach. Its length is approximately 4 km, plus is known to be one of the longest beaches of Naxos. Here, you can taste the local cuisine in one of the traditional taverns. If you want to drink your coffee or fresh juice along with snacks, then take some rest by the beach. There are many beach bars offering a variety of drinks and delicious food to enjoy.
Top tip: Only 2 km away from Melanes, the Jesuit Monastery of Kalamitsa is a place where you can explore the surroundings. Today, it operates as a religious monument with astonishing architecture. Take some pics and feel the mystical atmosphere.

Top Drive 3: Agios Prokopios – Apeiranthos

Choose to drive to Agios Prokopios through the valleys and you will get rewarded. Why should you do this? This beach is located only 5 km from Naxos Town and is popular for the blue flag award that earned many times. This means it’s an ideal choice for swimming, relaxing and sunbathing. However, if you are keen on sport activities, there you may enjoy water sports, beach volley or just walking along the beach.
On the contrary, if you want to delve into the history and find out more about Naxos’ culture, then, drive to Apeiranthos. We could write tones about this small village. Do you want to know the reason? Apeirathos is totally different from what you may see on the island. Its stone-built houses, its alleys and sightseeing, makes it something out of the norm. It seems to have pop up from a fairytale.
Except this, it offers you the opportunity to visit 5 museums of various interests. First of all, there is the Apeiranthos Archaeological Museum, the Folklore Museum, the Visual Arts Museum, the Museum of Natural History, and last but not least, the Geological Museum.
Top tip: Make a note that Apeiranthosis located in a pretty high altitude on the slopes of Fanari Mountain and that makes it a different kind of destination. When you drive through this mountain village, don’t forget to check the big Tower of Zevgolis. Even if now is private property, its architecture will fascinate you. You will find it just before the entrance.

Top Drive 4: Chora – Sagri – Alyko Beach

Beginning your drive from Chora, we recommend to make a stop at Sagri and Alyko Beach. If you decide to do so, you will experience an astonishing mountain view. The natural environment through the rolling hills is a kind of signature of the island. It is divided in 2 parts;AnoSagri and Kato Sagri. The most important aspect for both of them is its architecture. You feel like you travel in the Medieval era and that may cause your mentality to rise up. In AnoSagri check the Monastery of Agios Eleftherios which is considered to be of high historical value.
After that, head over Kastraki. It’s an infinite beach where you can walk on the white, thick sand. There, you can have your lunch in one of the local taverns. It is supposed to be an ideal proposal if you want to avoid the crowd. Next drive, is Pyrgaki, another long beach that looks like you transferred magically to an exotic place. It is well-known for the stunning sunset view, and we highly recommend to spend some time watching how the sun goes down.
Moving towards to Alyko Beach, you will feel the serenity and quietness of the scenery. This sandy beach is the perfect choice to relax and gather your strengths for a different destination. In addition, you can try to practise some water activities like snorkeling.

Top Drive 5: Agios Prokopios – Temple of Demeter

Our last stop includes something different. For history lovers, another ancient monument that worths visiting is the Temple of Demeter, the goddess of agriculture and fertility. As we previously mentioned, Sagri is one of the top destinations. But, do you know that it hides close by one of the most interesting sites to visit? We talk about the Temple of Demeter, which is located south of Sagri, in the Gyroulas area. It was constructed in the late 6th century BC and it is made from pure marble.
You can reach there ,after driving from Agios Prokopios towards to Halki. This picturesque village is famous for its cafes and restaurants. Moreover, if you like shopping, then you definitely have to explore some of the traditional shops. Here, you can buy plenty of souvenirs, just to remind you of the days you have spent on the island.

What to take away

By visiting Naxos you can experience unique moments and obtain unforgettable memories. These 5 scenic drives could make your journey stunning, whilst they are unique for everyone. It doesn’t matter whether you travel alone, with friends or family. The best solution is to rent a car from Nactionin order to make your life easier, instead of using the public transportation.
This island can offer you the opportunity to discover hidden gems beyond any expectations. You can relax, have lots of fun and adventure or spend some time for sightseeing. The only thing you have to do is to book your tickets, get a nice hotel room and rent a car. Planning your next steps will lead you to a paradise, one for the coolest places to visit in Greece.
So, start today and organise your vacations in Naxos without forgetting to book your rental car from Naction. In that way you won’t lose any precious time and you can dedicate it in fun activities, when you step your feet on it from the first day!

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