Drive Safely in a Rental – Car Rules and Best Practices

How to Drive Safely in a Rental - Car Rules and Best Practices

If you intend to visit in Naxos for your vacations, then you have to rent a car. Even if there is public transportation on the island, you won’t spend precious time and energy. Instead, you can devote yourself to visit more attractions, as driving is the most suitable option. However, if you have doubts about driving in a foreign country, we can ensure you that Naxos is safe to explore by car. The only thing you have to do is to choose wisely the car rental company when you decide to proceed with your booking. In this article, you will find some guidelines that may help you enjoy a unique experience.

1. Spend some time ahead with your rental car

Before you start exploring the island, spend some time to get familiar with your vehicle.That means to check its features, such as brakes, headlamps and everything important for its function. Be prepared and do adjustments to your seat and mirrors in advance. The car has to be ready and to work properly. Then, you won’t hesitate to reaching longer destinations from the area you choose to stay. Very important is to know how to feel comfortable and safe enough in this new vehicle.

2. Try to use a GPS & a map

As a visitor, you might feel confused of how to navigate in Naxos. This is absolutely normal and logical. So, why don’t you try to use a GPS or even a Map in order to get where you want? More precisely, both of them are necessary. The first reason is that with a map you will have a full view of the region. The second reason for using a GPS is because you will stay on route during your trips. Next tip, is to plan ahead each trip, so as to be familiar with the course. In case that you lose your way, don’t be afraid to ask for directions from locals. They are friendly and will be happy to assist visitors like you.

3. Check often the vehicle for malfunction or damage

Check often your car for any malfunction or damage. This means, you have to notice if there are visible signs in the tires, headlights or brakes. Also, if the engine doesn’t work properly and you hear unusual noice, then immediately, call the car rental company. All comes to your safety and maybe you need assistance to solve the problem. In the opposite case, you might be in danger during your drive in the amazing Naxos island.

4. Road Etiquette and possible hidden dangers

Driving habits and road etiquette may be different in your country in comparison with Greece. So, the first thing to do is to follow the rules and pay attention to the driving guidelines. Here in Naxos, the landscape has a variety of characteristics.
From mountains, coastlines and countryside, everything differs. You have to exercise caution, especially, while moving around. It is better to keep a normal and stable pace regarding to speed. Be aware of any pedestrians, motorcyclists and cyclists. Mainly, do so in the night hours where visibility is weak and watch out more in order to avoid any accidents.

5. Pay attention to narrow roads

The geographical characteristics of Naxos are diverse. When you drive in the mountains take under consideration that the majority of the roads are steep and congested. Respect the other drivers and be careful how you behave. It is not unusual to meet sudden turns or blind spots, so the best advise is to lower the car’s speed. In the summer, it’s a fact that many areas are crowded and you have to keep that on your mind constantly.
6. Respect the traffic rules
In Greece, you have to respect the traffic rules and different speed limits. These may differ from your country up to a degree. Almost, every area might have specific traffic regulations, depending on many factors. In order to avoid any collisions or car accidents, follow them and you won’t have any issues. Keeping a distance from other vehicles and using your horn will help you not only feel safer, but to protect other humans, as well.

7. Try to avoid distractions

Sometimes when you travel with friends or family is easy to get distracted. Maybe, you begin to chat, talk with your mobile or even eat a snack. It’s better to avoid all those activities till you reach your destination. The risk is obvious, so be concentrated as much as you can. In case that you have to do one of these activities, just pull over for a while and then, continue your drive.

Things to jot down

At Naction Rent a Car you will find a variety of well-kept and safe vehicles. Our competitive and affordable prices made us a reputable company in Naxos. Our history is long and successful, thanks to hundreds of drivers who chose us and remained happy with our services. We are sure that we can meet your driving needs, because we have both the appropriate experience and vehicle fleet.
To conclude, if you decide to visit Naxos, this could be an exciting experience. The reason is this island has to offer multiple ways to entertain and live unforgettable moments. Renting a car is a safe option which will help you save money. You will also, save time that you can spend it in driving and exploring natural beauties. So, do you still think about it?

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